10 Essential Elements of Creating Characters in Adobe Illustrator


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To be able to create your own Illustrator Artwork, you should be well acquainted with the composition rules, design guides and even creative inputs.

You could learn all these from helpful and free tutorials online. You could essentially create your own profitable career by persistently reading important ideas on Illustrator designs.

If you have particular interest in comic character or cartoon images, you must know the following elements of their design:

1. Color – Experiment on color spectrum but stick to the personality of your character in using colors.


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2. Character Variation – Learn about the concept of your narrative. Is it a Manga character? Would you like animated terrestrial creature?


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3. Hair – Hair makes the personality distinctive.


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4. Skin- Scars and Stitches of your character highlights what you wish them to be.


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5. Dimension – Should they be one dimensional or realistic?


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6. Eyes – It mirrors the character of your cartoon images.


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7. Figure – Body built and size account to your characterization.


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8. Age – Ensure that you figure age distinction of your cartoon.


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9. Lines – Use expressive lines for your character.


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 10. Face shape  - Find the perfect vector-lines and shape for the face.


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In creating your own Cartoon Character, pay attention on these details to create a distinctive, impactful and unique personality and identity of your cartoon image.

These would surely help you find your own creative character out of your design.

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