10 Must-Learn Illustrator Quick Tips

Creating even the simplest shape or pattern in Illustrator can be time consuming. But being aware of some simple tricks can save you a lot of time and effort. Even Pros may sometimes find themselves stocked in the simplest of tasks, just because, as they become  more advanced users, they tend to forget the most basic tricks. In this post I have collected 10 of the simplest tricks in Illustrator  to refresh the Pros and to inspire the Newbies.

Move Pattern Tiles Manually:


Create Decorative Swirls in Minutes Using the Width Tool:

Complex Symbols with Pathfinder:

Quickly Preview Graphic Style:

Using the Blend Tool to Create Repeating Patterns:

100% Vector Drop Shadow with Illustrator CS6:

How to Use Illustrator Blend Options:

Retro Leaves and Flowers with the Transform Effect:

How to Create Folded Text With Adobe Illustrator:

Automate Actions in Illustrator:


These tips surely are worth adding to your arsenal. As you may notice, the end results on some of these tips are really simple, but it would take ages for someone not aware of these tricks to finish the job.


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