20 Amazing Photoshop Text Tutorials You Will Surely Love

Text can make or break an Artwork. Using spectacular Text Effects, adds up to the wow factor of a design. There are loads of plugins available to produce really great looking text in Adobe Photoshop, but more often than not is it still more rewarding to see an Artwork which you have created from scratch. So here are 20 of my favorite tutorials for you to try out. Use these tutorials as inspiration to come up with your own unique Text Effects.

1. Splashing Water Text

2. Typographical Wallpaper

3. Reflective Liquid Type


4. Hell

5. Candy Cane

6. Flaming Meteor Text Effect

7. Metal 3D Text

8. Text in Sketches

8. Rusty Metal

9. Wild Fire

10. Vanity License Plate

11. Grass Text

12. Decorative Text

13. Colorful Retro Text

14. Explosive Typographical Effect

15. 3D Skyscraper Text

16. Cookie Text

17. Smoke Type

18. Scan-line Text

19. Slow Shutter Effect


20. 3D Flowery Text

These Tutorials simply show the endless possibilities of creating your own text effects in Adobe Photoshop. With an amount of imagination and a lot of trial and error, there’s no stopping someone like you to come up with an Amazing Photoshop text effect.







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