15 Leading Adobe Illustrator Tutorials on Making Icons, Cartoons and Realistic Objects

Adobe Illustrator and its series of versions are known to be the leading vector image editing programs. Illustrator’s encompassing tools and features create beautiful vector images used for a myriad of purposes.

If you are a savvy of Creative Illustration, Icons, Logos and other Vector Image, you might want to get to get online tutorials.

Illustrator How-tos online are categorized in three – basic, intermediate and advance. The following are round-ups that could help you get the best vector artwork.

1. Creating Seamless Watermark on Your Art

Creating-Seamless-Watermark-on-Your-ArtIt is essential for you to properly place watermarks on your creation.

With efficient execution of the seamless watermark pattern, you could protect your artwork without placing defect on its appearance.

2. Learning about Basic Drawing in Illustrator


In This Video Tutorial, you could efficiently learn how to draw vector-based images with this tutorial.

Start from basic shapes to complicated multi-dimensional realistic objects.

3. How to Create Energy Saving Bulb in Illustrator


You could create an energy saving bulb in Illustrator using its known Mesh Tool.

4. How to Create Bling Bling text Effect


You could get texture and dimensions with your fonts and text using this Bling Bling effect.

5. Aligning Irregular Shapes


It is very helpful to learn how to align irregular shapes in creating full artwork. Although Illustrator’s grid is problematic, you could use this tutorial for better guide:

6. Creating Realistic and Stylish Pencil Icon


Icons are commonly made using Illustrator. You could start with basic and useful gradient and mesh tools to create a pencil icon.

7. Designing Grunge Icons


With vector-based images, you could get sets of thematic icons. We oculd have scalable icons for complete website or communication tools.

Refer to the following social, miscellaneous and web icons for references:

8. Creating Simple Tag Icon


We commonly use tags in E-Commerce sites. With the use of Illustrator tutorial such as this one, we could custom made tag icons.

9. Illustrating Landscape Scene


One of the most useful benefits of Illustrator is its controllable pencil and line tools for landscape scenes.

With its color palettes, you could manage landscape design easily.

10. Drawing Vector Wavy Ribbon


Appearing as an optical illusion, this is commonly used in web graphics. We could have wavy ribbon of diverse colours for multiple of purposes.

Thus, this is highly recommended for your know-how.

11. Creating Cartoon Images


Cartoon images might be of beginner level to professional realistic portraits. We could get these cartoon images through Illustrator.

12. Drafting Watercolor Portrait


Watercolor portrait is one of the classics of Illustrator. Utilize scales and vectors for better looking portraits.

13. Illustrating Organic Shapes


Shapes are the fundamental composition of even the most complex Illustration artwork.

Learning how to manipulate them using features o Illustrator could be highly useful.

14. Creating Vector Bubbles


How could we use other features of Illustrator? This realistic vector bubble is one of the primordial trial must-have.

15. Illustrating Seamless Patterns


Seamless patterns are still the most appealing wallpaper design. It could be used in variety of art ambience as well.

From basic to advance Illustrator know-how, the key on getting pro in this platform is persistent trials and intuitive study.


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