4 Sure-Fire Ways to Create a Strong Freelance Reputation

If there is a tough competition in the office or work-world today, then there is also as much competition in the world of Freelancing.

In fact, this competition is steadily growing which makes it necessary for freelancers to do well and survive.

As such, there is one very important weapon that you, freelance workers, should have. That would be a strong reputation.


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Yes, even if you are your own boss, you need to bank up on your name by establishing a strong reputation. This is basically for the reason that you need your customers’ trust so that you can work for them.

Here are 4 Sure-Fire ways to get that kind of Reputation:
1. Be Honest with your Repertoire.

The only things that should appear there are the truths about you. What have you done in the past in connection to your freelance job? How long have you been freelancing?

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How many satisfied customers have you had? These are some of the questions that will guide you to making your repertoire. Do not add too much flowery words or ‘accessories’ just to win a customer because eventually, they will find out what you really are as a freelancer. Stick only to what is true.

2. Be Strict with Deadlines.

Ask yourself if you want to be with a freelancer that does not meet deadlines. If you don’t desire that, then be strict in meeting your own deadlines.


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In relation to that, do not set a time that you think you cannot beat. It is important that in agreeing with a deadline, you have to give it at least a day allowance so that you can adjust your schedule.

It is always better to finish in advance than to present it late to your customer.

3.Be Friendly and Flexible.


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Do not scare off your customer. Make them feel comfortable with you by listening to what they want and explaining how you are planning to come up with an output.

Take note that your customers have a particular thing in mind, the same way that you have your own means. Let these two meet and come up with a very desirable outcome.

4.Never Overcharge or Overprice.


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The above-mentioned ways are effective if you follow them. However, your online reputation may be ruined in a wink if you overcharge.

Therefore, never ever overcharge your customers. Negotiate your price if you want but never overprice. Don’t look at the quickest way to get money. Consider instead the effects in the long run.

Reputation is everything. Freelance jobs are getting more common today and so you need to rise above the rest.

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