40+ Free and Extremely Useful Illustrator Scripts

Illustrator has already provided us users with an amazing set of tools for our design needs. Despite all these tools, there are times when we need to accomplish complicated design processes with the help of Scripts. With scripts, we can easily perform tasks Illustrator tools by themselves cannot complete. Illustrator supports scripting from Visual Basic, JavaScript, Extend Script, and Apple Script.

You can create your own scripts, download them over the internet, or you can use some of Illustrator’s built-in scripts. In this post, I have assembled 40+ of the most useful but free Illustrator Scripts from around the web.

Installing Scripts

After downloading the Scripts and saving them unto your hard drives, place the script in the Illustrator/Presets/Scripts folder. Once copied, the script will appear in the scripts sub-menu by going to File/Scripts/Other Scripts.


Create Calendars Automatically in Illustrator

It was possible through InDesign to create Calenders till now , but not anymore this practical script does the job for you , and what is wonderful is that it is regularly being modified to work better!

Place Multiple Files in Illustrator

This new script allows multiple files to be placed into Adobe Illustrator at once. Illustrator’s native place command can only handle 1 single file at once. This script was commissioned by Eric at Nutshell Communications, Inc..

Scripts by Hiroyuki Sato 

Dance – Adds a new layer and draws dancing people on it. The dancers are made with various width of lines.So please be careful about the setting of Scale Tool when you want to scale them.

Treelike – Draws a tree-like shape at the center of the artboard.


John Wundes’s  Javascripts for Illustrator

These are really useful scripts written by John Wundes. Just Right click on the link and save it in your Illustrator Scripts folder.

The Scripts:









Delete fluff












Vary hues


Wolfgang Reszel’s Javascripts for Illustrator

These Scripts should work on both Mac and PC.

The Scripts:

WR-closeALLPaths - This script closes all (or all selected) open paths.

WR-usedColors - This script adds all used colors and gradients of the current document to the Swatches Palette. Gradient meshes are not supported, because Javascript has no access to them. At line 56 you can configure how the script handles gradients and text objects. Since v0.5 colors will be added as global colors (var add_as_global).

WR-descaleImages - This script rescales all selected images back to 100 %. Select all relevant objects and execute this script. It doesn’t matter if you have also selected some paths. Because Illustrator always uses 72 dpi to calculate the scale on raster-images, the script checks if the document is CMYK or RGB. For RGB it uses 72 dpi and for CMYK it uses the Value in Line 56 (default 300 dpi).

WR-replaceColors - This script replaces swatches in the whole document. You have to select two objects which fills represent the swatches you would like to replace. The fill of the bottom object will be replaced with the fill of the top object of the selection.

WR-DateAndTime - This script inserts the actual date or the actual time to a predefined position in the document. To define the position, you’ll have to create a text object and execute this script while the object is selected. The whole object has to be selected and not words or letters. You can mark more objects, if you select each object separate and execute the script on it. With the placeholders {DATE} and {TIME} you are able to define a particular point, where the date or the time should be replaced. If there is no placeholder in the tex tobject {FILENAME} ({DATE}, {TIME}) will be used as standard placeholders. To update the date and time execute this script without any object selected.

 WR-SaveAndCloseAll - This script saves and closes all open documents without any question-dialog.

WR-removeDuplicates - This script removes all duplicate congruent paths in the selection. Please select only some objects at once, because the processing-time will grow exponential to the number of objects.

WR-autoClipImages - This script automatically gives Images a clipping-path, which has the same size as the image. Already clipped images won’t be clipped again. You can disable the question-dialog if you change aks=„yes“ to ask=„no“. Images in groups can only be clipped if you select them separate.

WR-capitalSize - With this script you can scale a text by entering the size of the capital letters (without ascenders and descenders). Possible units: pt and mm. In Illustrator 10 it is not possible to show a prompt so the value of the font-size will be used as the size for the capital letters.

WR-scaleLikeTopMost - This script scales all selected images to the size of the top-most image of the selection.

WR-deEmbed - This script changes embedded raster-images back to linked images. If the file does not exist anymore, you will see a red question mark in the link-palette. This script is useful, if you have placed and embedded an image, but you wanted to link the image. Select all relevant objects and execute this script. It doesn’t matter if you have also selected some paths or groups.

WR-collect - This script collects all linked files into a subfolder of the documents folder (linked images). It is similar to the VB-example script on the Illustrator-CD, except that you cannot select the output folder for the Images (because of limitations in javascript).

 WR_Animate - These two scripts switches the sub-layers of the selected layer, so that you can test animations directly in Illutsrator. Use this Script within an action, so that you are able to assign a F-Key.

WR-reversePathDirection - This script reverses the path-direction of all selected paths.

WR-pathResolution - With this script you can change the output resolution of the selected or all path-items in the document. In Illustrator CS it is not possible to change the document-outputresolution (fixed to 800), so you have change the resolution for the objects. This script is only useful for old documents which are exported to old formats. When you save as a CS-file, your documents become resolution independent.

WR-ImagePrintsize - This script shows the print-resolution of an image.


 Random Swatches Fill

These scripts will surely aid you in your Illustrator Projects. With tight deadlines and heavy workloads, these should come handy in finishing complicated tasks which should have taken longer with manual workflows using native Illustrator Tools. “Kudos” to the People who spent time making these scripts and have it available for us to use for Free.

Do you know any additional useful and free scripts? Feel free to add the links in the comments section.

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