5 Beautiful Platforms Made to Show off Your Work (for FREE)

Truth is, it is never easy to be a designer. More than exuding the actual talent, it takes more than that to be able to hit the jackpot. By jackpot, we mean the project that would fulfill one’s job description as a designer and would put some sparkling dollar in the eyes. As competition somehow discourages especially the newly-entered ones in the industry, we believe that these platforms were curated to aid for that very reason: to encourage every designer through establishing a good online presence.

So here’s a roundup of platforms that you might want to use if you’re thinking to finally show your work off to the world-wide web.

 1) Behance 


Needless to say, Behance has made its name to the design industry. Home to the many work of talented designers of all sorts, it boasts its monthly large-figured hits garnered from its visitors all over the world; guaranteeing some sort of good exposure for most projects posted on their platform. Not only that, Behance holds numerous competitions to motivate its users to squeeze their creative juices some more.

Notable features include site-wide responsive design and “work-in-progress” feature.


carbonmade online portfolio website

A (very) visually appealing platform would probably best describe Carbonmade, as its website is seemingly conceptualized to be “fun and fresh” in which it inevitably gives off that designer vibe in anyone who pays a visit. For that type of designer who prefers easy posting and page customization, Carbonmade is for you. No need for an extensive and rigorous HTML coding to put your portfolio in good, attracting shape because Carbonmade does that for you.

Brace yourselves, there’s more! By putting up your portfolio on their platform potentially gives you a chance to be hired through their Talent Pool feature. Now it’s not just your any ordinary platform after all.

3) Portfolioboxportfolio box online portfolio

Portfoliobox seems to be fairly new to this whole portfolio business, but that doesn’t mean its features cannot be at par with the established ones. One of the strong points of this platform is it being beautifully minimalistic, making it to be easily usable by designers. Designing your portfolio would not be a problem because even the free accounts give the ability to combine several templates and other sort of customization you need. If you upgrade to a premium plan unlocks the option from fully-branding your portfolio to the ability to sell your images/products through their integrated e-commerce system.

4) Cargo Collective cargo collective online portfolio

Cargo Collective is pretty much the same as Portfoliobox being beautifully minimalistic, only except that the former has been in the Internet since 2009. It is running on a cloud hosting and gives a non-mandatory option for its users to tweak their portfolios through the use of CSS.

As of this moment, membership has been restricted to invites only, or you may request for an account by filling out their contact form describing yourself and your work.

5) Brushd brushd.com online portfolio

Brushd is versatile, period. It seemingly caters almost every type of designers as it offers a wide array of options from basic to advanced customization. Running on a cloud hosting, you may or may not need to host your precious stuff somewhere else, although it supports Youtube and Vimeo. Plus, it has a full blogging system and the feature to integrate posts from other known blogging platforms.


Have you tried to use any of these platforms? Any thoughts?

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