5 Effective Ways to Build Your Photography Portfolio

If you have a strong desire to become a Famous Photographer, then you have to build your credibility, show off your skills, and attract a wide base of customers. All this you can achieve by creating your own Photography Portfolio. 

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A Photography Portfolio is your ultimate selling strategy. It is a collection of your work. For some, they only include the best works but it can also contain your themes and specialities.

When people seek the services of a photographer like you, they don’t just choose randomly. They base it on skill, commitment, and output.

If you create a photography portfolio, you are convincing prospective customers and clients by letting your work speak for themselves.

Yes, your portfolio, whether you are into professional photography or are just an amateur, will tell a lot about you. This is especially important since many people don’t like to rely on your words but more on your work.

So how can you build your own portfolio and how can you promote it?
1.Know your audience.

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As you know, there are different kinds of photography. Depending on what they want you to do, your portfolio should satisfy that.

For example, your customer or client wants to have his artworks covered, then you should present a photography portfolio that contains related works. And if the client wants his wedding day covered, then you know what to put in there.

2. Choose whether you present it on paper or through the digital way.

In the past, paper portfolios were the ‘in’ thing. But today, with all the digital advancements, this has become obsolete. So, you may want to present your portfolio using another medium like an AVP or anything close to that. This will also create the impression that you are well-versed with other skills like Photoshop and others.

3.Carefully choose the shots.


Image taken from: deviantart.com

Since you have already been taking photographs for a long time, you can already have a lot to choose from. In this sense, try not to choose by yourself. Have someone who is unbiased help you with it. First, set down about 100 photos and then select the best 70. Trim this down to 50 until you arrive at the best 30. That would be good enough already for your photography portfolio.

4. Prepare the presentation.

You should organize the photos in such a way that there is a short story told. You may do it according to the moods of the subjects, the type of subjects, and the date the photos were taken.

5.Upload this portfolio in photography websites and photography portfolio websites.

Image Taken From: Flicker.com

This way, you are reaching a wider audience and not just those that come to see you at home or at your shop. You are opening yourself to more and better opportunities to develop your skill, attract customers, and widen your network.

You see, you are your best promotion and advertisement. Create your professional photography portfolio today and reap the fruits.

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