5 Useful Tips in Choosing Your Domain Name

When you type in a web address, you are actually typing the URL or domain name of the website.

And if we think about it, it is always easier to remember a URL or domain name that is close to the company’s name, if not the company name itself.


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If you have a website, or if you are planning on making one yet, you should seriously consider good domain names for your options to make sure that people will really be able to reach your website.

Though you want it to really be unique, you have to remember that this name is what your website will be using throughout.

Before you go on to buy that domain name, here are some helpful tips to make you decide correctly:

Read on to know how to arrive at the best web domain names.

1. For easier retention, you should use your website name for your domain name.

For example, if your website’s name is International Visa Services, your domain name should be “http://www.internationalvisas,com”   or “http://www.internationalvisaservices.com”. That way, when people think about your website, they don’t have to think any further of what to type in the web address link.

2. Get rid of symbols like dashes, underscores, ampersands, and other similar symbols as these will only confuse your viewers.

Some people tend to forget the dashes or place them at the wrong places. In the end, the viewer might land at your competitor’s site that has a simpler domain name.

3. Make sure that your domain name is unique and original.

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 There should be no existing domain names that are similar to yours. You might regret the consequences if you insist on using a copied name.

4. The shorter, the better.

Though domain names can be as long as 67 characters, it is not ideal to make it that long. Putting together two or three words in one domain name is ideal.

5. Look for free domain names if you don’t have the budget.

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You might think that when you get a domain name, you need to spend a lot.

The fact is that there are a lot of sites that offer free domain names. You only need to religiously look for these sites online.

You see, your domain name is very important to driving traffic to your website. Like your own name, it distinguishes your site from all other websites.

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