6 Common Causes of High Bounce Rate and What You Can Do

Have you ever tried opening a website, realized it did not show what you were looking for, and then rushed out of it within the first 5 to 10 seconds? Such a thing is called a Website Bounce and it is common.

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Website bounce happens when a user clicks on your site and then heads out of it really fast because your website does not deliver what the user wants. The number of instances that this happens is called Bounce Rate. The more instances of bounce happening in your website, the higher your bounce rate is.

Bounce rate is important because it can affect your website’s ranking on search engines.

So what causes a high bounce rate? 

Website Presentation and Navigation

Everyone is always in a hurry. That is why if they choose to open your website, they want to immediately get what they are looking for. However, if your website is difficult to navigate (with buttons that are unclear) and its landing page is too cluttered and disorderly, then the user will definitely get out of your website fast.

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Website Content

Website bounce rate is also affected by what you put in there. Remember that users click on your site because the meta description provided by the search engine seems to fit what they are looking for. However, if your site does not show any of that, then your user will get out of there and consequently increase your web bounce rate. 

Too Many Pop-Ups

If you put too many pop ups in your site, your user may be annoyed. Having something pop up in the middle of reading an article can be frustrating and infuriating.

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Too Many Ads

Let us be realistic here. Ads bring income or revenue to your site. However, too much of it can kill your site and web ranking and increase your bounce rate. Keep your ads at a minimum or place them at the sides of your page and never let it overpower or drown your content.

Unclear Buttons

In order to navigate through your site, your buttons have to be clear especially the search button.

Low Loading Speed

This is one of the most common factors of a high bounce rate. When your website loads too slowly, it can bore your user and give him the impression that it is a poor quality website.

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How to reduce bounce rate?

As mentioned above, the ads should have to be strategically placed at the sides of your website. They also have to be limited in order not to overpower the content.

Do not put too many widgets. If there are videos to be included, make sure there are not too many of it as it can make loading times slower.

Have a presentable, orderly, and simple landing page. Avoid too many colors and texts. The simpler it is, the better your site will be.

Make navigation easier with buttons clear.

Average bounce rate is good but a good bounce rate is even better.


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