A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Website for Blogging or Business

The vast reach of the Internet today has prompted lots of people to earn something out of it. And yes, the number of Websites has increased over the years that cater to just about any topic.

Whether you are looking for Advice, Information or a Tutorial on your hobby or interest, the internet returns as many as thousands of results to you.

As this is true, why don’t you start a website that will offer something useful to your readers?

In time, this website will earn and you will be able to make an added income to your life.

How does a website earn?

This is a question that quite a lot of people want answers to.

Search engines like Google have bots that crawl sites and their content to identify how they can be helpful to user searches. Let us say your website is all about web designing.

The Google bots will crawl your site (check your site) for its content and see how these answer to questions. If it is found useful, then it will rank in the search results pages of the giant search engine.

When this happens, advertisers will want to post their ads on your Website which comes with a fee. This means that the more advertisers your page gets, the higher your income grows.

Free website vs. Paid website

There are two kinds of websites. One is the Free Website and the other is the Paid Website.

free website is hosted by a domain and you only have to subscribe to it, free of charge. You cannot change the domain name but you may insert a name of your choice such as your business name.

A paid website, on the other hand, is one that you need to pay to use a domain. However, the great part is that you can choose your domain name.

The payment varies and needs to be made every year.

Now comes the most important part. How to start a website? How can you create a website?

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How to Start a Free Website

If you don’t want shell out any amount of money to start your own Website, there is actually a handful of Free options to start one.

In fact, you don’t  have to know coding, programming, or be knowledgeable in any Software to be able to start a website these days. All you have to do is sign up and start to publish your own ideas on the web in no time.

So here are the most popular places online amongst the hundreds of Free Options to create your own Website.

Most of these free options below already have templates and themes for you to choose from depending on the nature of your blog or business.

 Google Sites


Google Sites is a free and easy  way to start your own website. If it’s from an internet giant like Google, it must be good.



Regardless of your technical know-how, you can easily create a design of your own with the templates and themes provided.



Wix provides you with a lot of tools to customize the color, font, background and overall design to make your website unique.



Yola has hundreds of ad-free customizable templates to choose from including integrations with You Tube, Google Maps and Paypal to name a few.



A free drag and drop Website Builder that’s easy to use and  has a vast gallery of templates and styles.  It allows you to ad your own logo, color scheme and tagline to make your website unique from the rest.

Snap Pages


Another free website builder that allows you to control basic features like colors and fonts, an to the more advanced options of changing typography and dimensions.

Snap Pages is also optimized for touchscreens and offers a responsive design.



Webnode provides hundreds of modern templates to fit your individual needs. They have pre-made designs for personal, business and e-commerce websites.



Tumblr is a popular tool to create your own personalized website and allow you to post text, photos, links, videos, and music form your mobile phones, email, and desktops.



Create a website even if you don’t know coding and edit it anywhere using your Iphone or Ipad. Jimdo also has a nice template on making an online store for people wanting to start a business online.



A drag and drop Website Builder for Personal, Business and E-Commerce websites. It has templates that allow you to collect payment thru Paypal, List Products on E-Bay and give real-time statistics to keep track of your website traffic.

How to start a Paid Website

Carefully follow the following Steps:

1. Get a Domain Name.

The domain name identifies your website and makes it unique from other websites. When a user types it on the address bar of a browser, your website will appear instead of another one.

Go to a domain provider such as godaddy.com or namecheap.com to register. Think of a name to your domain which should not be far from your business name or service.

In fact, it is best that you choose the same domain name as your business name for easier retention and to avoid confusing your users. Check if this is available and if it is, you can register that domain name.

However, you need to pay about $10 to $20 per year for rights.

2. Choose a Web Hosting Company.

Your website needs a web hosting company that basically gives you space to create web pages, scripts and other materials including email addresses.

As there are so many web hosting companies available online, you will have to make a clear choice. It is advised that you start with the cheapest one and then just upgrade later on when the website has already grown.

HostGator and BlueHost are two of the most popular web hosting sites around.

3. Install WordPress.

This is a website platform that you can choose, free of charge. It is, in fact, among the best platforms used by both beginners and experts who want to create a website as their content management system.

4. Design your Website.

As soon as WordPress has already been installed, your website is all set to go live but you might want to customize and personalize first your website so that it caters to what your target users actually need. There are free themes that you can use for starters but you can always get those premium themes once your website is already up and going.

5. Make your Website Go Live.

As soon as you have already customized everything, provided all the information and content you desire to post, then it’s time to get that site go live.

6. Maintain your Website.

Don’t forget to update your content regularly so that it will rank on Google. Make sure that your content is of good quality to make it earn.

If you Build a Website, you are not only helping provide information and offer service but you are also giving yourself a chance to earn more.

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