Adobe Photoshop CS6 Cool New Features

Have you been waiting for the new Adobe Photoshop CS6? Well the wait is over. Adobe has just announced the arrival of the newest and most anticipated  version of Photoshop.

Loads have been written about its new capabilities, but here are some videos that will explain all of the cool new Features it has.

First lets start with 6 of the best features in this video by Terry White.

Here’s another 6 by Adobe’s Julieanne Kost.

And in this video by Julieanne Kost as she shows off some of the new features of Adobe CS6 Extended. Note: The extended version as the name suggests is a hybrid version of Photoshop CS6.

With all these new features, digital artists will have more tools to enhance there creativity and make them work more efficiently.

Have you tried Photoshop CS6 yet? Please share you favorite features below.

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