Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes of a Digital Photographer

Photography is a skill that one can learn. However, it does not necessarily follow that if you know how to shoot objects and take pictures, you are already a Photographer.

Being a photographer, especially a Digital Photographer, takes much practice, training, and learning.

The funny thing is that no one can really be a perfect or master photographer. Even the most experienced ones and most practiced ones still commit mistakes.

Some of which are intentional while some others are not.


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Here are the common mistakes that you should avoid as a digital photographer:
1. Thinking that you are already the best photographer.

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This is a major no-no which is often the reason why a lot of photographers fail in their endeavours.

You have to start by believing that you still have a lot of things to learn as this can be your motivation to practice more.

2. Buying the most expensive and top-of-the-line DSLR Camera.

The fact is that you don’t need to buy the most expensive dslr camera. But if you can afford it, that would be a bonus.

The trick to getting the perfect shots lies in knowing how to get the perfect shots. You can do this by continuously learning the process and engaging in seminars and training classes.

3. Not making sure that the gear bag for the camera is complete.

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Everywhere you go, you should always make sure that all the parts and the things you need are inside the bag.

Remember that each part of the DSLR Camera contributes to the quality of your shots.

4. Always relying on Photoshop.

Indeed, Photoshop is a very powerful tool today for editing pictures. In fact, any picture that is ‘Photoshopped’ really improves.

However, a good digital photographer will use his own skills in capturing the perfect shot.

When there is no time to Photoshop, then at least you already have a great picture as it is.

5. Always quick in deleting photos.

erasing-images-in-cameraImage Credit: www.canon-europe.com

Yes, you may have shots that you don’t like. But hey, those pictures could be better than the next batch that you will take.

Wait until you are through taking shots before you delete your photos. As long as you have a big memory for storing your pictures, then space should not be a problem.


I am not saying that the ideal photographer does not make mistakes. The point here is to do everything to avoid making as many mistakes.

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