Fun EqualsBella Best You Tube Videos for Kids You Must Watch

Top Kids Video on You Tube You Must Watch

fun equalsbellaToday You Tube is the second largest Search Engine next to Google, that means youtube is more than Bing and Yahoo Search.

People especially kids go to youtube to watch their favorite Toys being unboxed, Nursery Songs being played,  online games being played by other kids and a whole lot more of stuff.

But when it comes to Toys, children channels featuring Regulars Kids opening and playing with toys are so popular that some of them have become millionaires in doing so.

One really cool channel to watch is Fun EqualsBella. It features Videos about Toys for boys and Girls, Kids Games, Painting, Travel, Online Games, Arts and Crafts and so much more.

Here are some of the best Videos you can see at her channel.

Let’s color, decorate and build it together and play pretend with it with you sister and brother and Mom and Dad.
Let’s Paint it with fun colors like a Pink Door, Blue Pots, White Lights and Red Roof and Let’s DECORATE to with plants and flowers.
We will also play pretend with my Dad that the house is in the middle of an island, a desert, an ocean a jungle and anywhere we could possibly imagine.

2. Super Rare FIDGET SPINNERS that are hard to find and are very pricey and this 6 year old has 15 of the most most unique collection of Spinners she found inside a SURPRISE EGG.

Its FIDGET time!! Watch as she tries to SPIN all of them at the same time. On the last part, she will reveal the most Amazing Giant Fidget Spinner you’ll ever see.

3. In this Episode, Bella will teach you how to make your DIY SNOW and SNOWMAN at home using Baking Soda and Hair Conditioner.
It is very easy to make you very own DIY Snow using these simple ingredients and you will be having lots of fun.
Plus, you favorite Frozen Characters will be joining Bella like Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Kristoff and some of your favorite LEGO
Having your own snow world at home, you can imagine your own WINTER WONDERLAND and put any of your Toys and play Pretend with them.

4. Bella, her sister Ira and her friend Lukas just having a good time in a Sheraton Hotel Swimming Pool.
These Kids must be having fun in the swimming pool, battling each other with water guns, water challenges, playing with beach balls, swimming underwater, diving in the pool, playing catch in the swimming pool, eating ice cream beside the pool, running around the water park and just having fun.
This hotel has a really nice swimming pool for kids and for adults too.

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