Common Lighting Mistakes in Photography and What You Can Do

Even if you have the best DSLR camera, you will still not get the best shots if you do not know the basics of learning photography. Photography is a complex skill that you need to learn through time and with practice. 

Among the most basic yet important concepts of photography is Lighting.

Self_Portrait-lighting-photographyImage Credit: lukeroberts

Yes, there is much difference between having good lighting and bad lighting in terms of the outcome of the shot.

Obviously, good lighting contributes to having much brighter, sharper, and more vivid photos.

Photography for beginners should always underscore lighting techniques.

Throughout the years, there have been common mistakes and complaints from people when they see their pictures.

Here is a rundown of the five most common and some ways to fix them:

1. Dead Eyes.

By saying dead eyes, this means that the eyes of your subject are dark, making them lifeless. It is very important to bring light to the eyes as that also brings life to it.

Remedy: Since dead eyes usually occur when there is meager light, you should let your subject adjust the position of his head towards a light source.

If you have studio lighting set ups, then you can make use of a reflector for a more dreamy and dramatic effect. Since the reflector just lets light bounce to the subject’s eyes, the outcome is incredible.

baby-protrait-photography-lightingImage Credit: SylwesterSzymanski

2.Too much Shadow on one side of the Subject’s Face.

This happens when there is too much light on one side and it is not balanced off on the other.

Remedy: This may be a good photography tip for added emotion and effect.

However, if you want your photo to come up with a clear subject face, you should put a reflector on the other side of the face to bounce off the light and make both sides even.

portrait-lady-lightingImage Credit: aarontyree

3. Looking for a Location first before Lighting.

Though location is always emphasized in photography tutorials, it may not contribute to coming up with great photos.

Remedy: Instead, go look first for good lighting before thinking of a good location.

location-photography-lightingImage Credit: AntikerSG-P-Photo

4. Letting the subject face the midday sun.

It is already a common practice for many photographers to avoid taking pictorials during the midday because the light may be too intense.

Remedy: The midday sun is actually a contributor to great lighting. However, if you do not know how to make use of it, it will ruin your pictures.

The best thing to do is not to make your subject face the sun. Instead, let him turn against it and use photography reflectors to bring light to his face.

subject-facing-the-sun-photography-lightingImage Credit: PinkFishGR

5.Using Speckled Light on a Portrait.

The speckled light, or light which passes through leaves and coming out as a web of light, is for creative shots only.

Remedy: When taking a portrait, always use sufficient light.

half_light_by_largeboy30-d3befk4Image Credit: StefanBeutler

Photography is an exciting thing to learn. And when you use the best light, you come up with the best shots.


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