How to Customize the Background Color in Lightroom (Quicktip)

Changing the Background Color  in Lightroom may be a matter of personal preference than a necessary Lightroom technique. But for the sake of some who might want to and yet do not know how to do it, here are the simple steps.

By default, the Background Color is normally Medium Grey. But some users may prefer to view their Photos on White, Black, or Light Grey Background. At least Lightroom has provided an option for us to use another color than the default.

This feature can also be very helpful to preview what an image will look like when displayed if you know the particular color it will be displayed against.

So to change the color, simply  click in an area around the photo and a pop up menu will appear showing all the color options. An option to use a texture is also provided. Select which color you prefer and you’re done.

This can also be done in the Preferences dialog box, but it’s easier to do the right-click method.

how to change Lightroom background color


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