Desktop vs. Mobile Internet Surfing

Some three decades ago, the Personal Computer (PC) was a luxury that not every family could afford.

However, with the growing technology and increasing need for people to connect to the internet, the PCs became a household term and appliance for desktop surfing. 

Several years after that, the laptop computer was born which is the smaller and portable version of the PC.

Then, mobile surfing came along which makes use of any affordable smart phone to connect to the internet.


Today, how do these two differ in terms of how much people want to use them?

In recent studies conducted by Decision Fuel and On Device Research last November, it has been revealed that people prefer to use mobile surfing over desktop surfing, even if more modern 2013 desktop computers are already considered.



  • In the US alone, about 67 percent of internet users prefer to use such over surfing through PCs. 
  • Another study by the Media Behavior Institute also revealed that PC users went down by 5 percent from February to July 2012 and by 6 percent from August to January 2013.

In line with these data, it was also discovered that there is an average of 43 percent of participants who go online through mobile surfing every week in February 2013.

Meanwhile, mobile internet users are also torn between using the smart phone or the tablet computer. But for obvious reasons, people are more inclined to using tablets primarily for the bigger and wider screens. Secondly, cell phone internet speeds are not as fast as those of the tablet computer.

Regardless of what devices for internet we use, we just ought to be thankful that technology has made it so convenient for us today.  


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