DSLR: A Beginner’s Guide to Photography

Long gone are the days of using analogue equipment, including cameras. Today, with the birth of the Digital SLR Camera, it has become so tempting to buy one’s own unit and take snaps of reality and dreamy scenes altogether.

The Digital SLR Camera (DSLR), to begin with, is not as simple as the usual smaller and regular digital cameras.

There are more concepts that need to be understood and factors that have to be incorporated in order to achieve the perfect shots.

But as they say, everything can be learned. And Beginner DSLR camera users can start that learning process here.

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Here is a beginners’ guide to Photography.

1. Accept that Photography is a Learning Process.


Image Credit: rubyblossom

No good thing can be learned overnight. Just like other crafts, you need to spend nights and days, even weeks, months, and years, to master something.

Learning all about digital photography entails the same process.

Don’t fret when your shots are not perfect or even good. That is exactly the reason why you are trying to learn using your very own SLR Camera.

2. Be Good with Doing Research.


Image Credit: mstermind1

Yes, you read that right. Even if using the DSLR Camera is just a hobby for you, you need to get acquainted with it to maximize its use and capabilities.

The internet provides a lot of materials on the subject. You can also visit your local library or order books online that you can keep and read over and over again to help you learn.

3. Be friends with the Tripod.


Image Credit: stachelig

If you think the tripod is only for those who like it or for those who are shooting alone, then you are among the majority who are thinking it wrong.

The tripod is very essential especially if you are using a slow shutter speed wherein your unsteady hands will cause your photos to be blurry.

4. Know the concepts of ISO and grain, aperture, exposure, light histograms, and rule of thirds.


Image Credit: scismgenie

Knowing these beforehand will help you be in better control of your camera.

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5. Invest in great lenses.


Image Credit: j_benson

Of course, your digital slr camera comes with a lens kit already. However, since this is a stock unit, then it is not the best in quality.

You should get a better lens kit that will let you achieve greater and better shots. But of course, the price can be good.

6. Take more than just one shot for each subject.

Since you are a beginner dslr user, the chances that you will get ‘bad’ shots are high. If your shots are all ‘bad’ and ‘worse’, then you might as well go for the ‘bad’ ones. But still, bad is bad.

In every learning process, patience is what it takes. Be patient and try to enjoy every step of it.

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