Effective Ways to Find Reliable Freelancers

Over the past days and weeks, much had been written about articles that aim to help the Freelance workers find work opportunities.

They have been taught about how to create a strong reputation in order that their customers will keep coming back. Some other articles talk about how freelancing can be a good source of income, whether it is the main source or a supplemental one.


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This time, it is also just fair to be on the side of the customer or client and help them be able to find reliable and legitimate freelancers.

With the increasing number of people holding online freelance jobs, it has also become increasingly difficult to find a freelancer who is honest and able to deliver the right services.

If you are looking for freelancers yourself, watch out for these effective ways to do it:
1. Ask for referrals from friends or family.


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If there is anyone in your family or circle who has already negotiated with a freelancer, then you can ask them for any referral.

For sure, they will give you a name of someone who is committed to his work. They might even tell you even more names that you should avoid dealing with.

2. Visit websites where freelancers and clients meet.

There are already many of these sites available. For example, you can visit




and  www.odesk.com


the latter being dedicated to online writers.

These sites require the customers and the freelance workers to register. Both parties are rated so that other people and users may also have an idea of how they work (freelancer) and how they pay (client).

Plus, the website also protects both parties in terms of delivery and payment.

3.Refer to the internet for more information.

If, for example, you search in certain websites and a name is returned to you, feel free to look up more information on the person through the different social media sites and search engines like Google.

If you type in their name, you can be sure that there is always come information or background on the person.

This is just to confirm or put aside some doubts that you have.

4. Start off with a smaller project.

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For example, you are dealing with a supplier for your business. You should not immediately close large transactions with him or her.

You should, instead, give it some time so that you may study the way he deals with you. Start off with a smaller project with your chosen freelancer.

And when everything goes well, then you may proceed with more but increase in value only very gradually.

5. Never give full payment immediately.


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Unless you have seen the goods or the service, you should only give a small down payment. And if the freelance worker is legitimate, he will not mind it because he can always be sure that you will pay once he completes the task.

If he doesn’t agree to that and demands half of the money or the full payment, then don’t close the deal.

Freelancing is a lucrative job. That is why a lot of people are already engaging in it, even those that are not sincere and legitimate.

You need to be careful if you don’t want to be sorry in the end.

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