Freelancing Guide: Signs to Watch Out For That Your Customers Will Not Pay Up

People who work as Freelancers may be earning well and enjoying their time because for one, they own their time and manage their own selves.

However, one great concern of people engaging in freelance projects is that they can helplessly fall victims of unscrupulous individuals who ask for their services but run away with the outputs without paying them.

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It is a dilemma

Yes, this is a serious problem of freelancers. All they can do is trust their customers. This is especially true with online freelance jobs where they never get to meet their clients and they communicate only through the internet. After the work is done and emailed, they may never hear from the clients ever again.

It is also a dilemma for them if they ask for an initial payment because the customer might interpret that as a sign that they are not legitimate workers. So what can they do?

The most viable option these freelance workers have is to watch out for signs that a customer will likely not pay up.

 Here are some of those tell-tale signs based on my 5-year experience as a freelancer:
1. The customer does not want to give a down payment.


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As mentioned above, it may be a common reaction for customers or clients to doubt the legitimacy of the freelancer if he asks for an initial payment.

However, you will only be asking for at most 20 percent just to be sure that they will pay up. It would be inappropriate if you ask for 50 percent, so this much is perfectly fine.

If the customer does not complain, then it is safe to continue with the project. Otherwise, you might want to reconsider that deal.

2. The customer hurries you up with the project and constantly complains about your output.


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This is a very early sign that once your project is done, they will bring up all the errors and the dissatisfaction they have felt over your work.

In the end, you, as the freelancer, will feel guilty to charge your actual rate and may even give a huge discount to the customer.

3.The price they are willing to pay is so much higher than what others usually offer.

This has happened to me a lot of times already and I have learned my lesson. Customers who don’t plan to pay up will entice you to write or provide them your service for a really good price; it is so good you will speed up your work and give it the best quality.

However, it would be too late for you to realize that they have run away with your work and you are left penniless.

4. They ask for a trial.


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This may be normal for some customers but there are those who say you need to do a trial work without pay. However, in actuality, the trial work they will ask you to do is already the output they need. After you have turned in your output, they will also disappear like a bubble and just like that.

Your services and products are part of your intellectual rights. Therefore, you have got to protect it. 

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