How To Find the Best Wedding Photography Venues

Every Wedding event deserves to be remembered for a lifetime. Everything should be perfect (if perfection does exist) and every small detail taken care of.

Most of all, every wedding event deserves brilliant photographs that can preserve and freeze in time the feelings and emotions of the couple and their families. That can be achieved by getting the best Wedding Photography Venues.

wedding_photoshoot_locationImage Credit: BandasPhoto

The locations for weddings and its photography should have to be carefully chosen so that the emotions are captured in the shots. Besides that, when the place is ideal, it tends to make the couple happier and more able to feel the romance of the event.

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If you are looking for wedding locations for your photographs, then here are some suggestions:
1.The Beach.


Image Credit: AThousandWords1000

Nothing beats the beach. In fact, it is the most popular destination Wedding Venue. Its calm waves and turquoise blue waters are the perfect backdrop for your pictures. In fact, a lot of photographers really steal some time to take the couple from the church to the beach for a pictorial before they head on to the reception venue.

beach-wedding-photoshootImage Credit: what-the

 However, since you cannot always predict the lighting of the beach as it may suddenly be gloomy, you need to be ready with your equipment.

2. The Garden.


Image Credit: Wedding Channel

Not a lot of couples have tried having their pictures taken at a garden. That, of course, depends on the type of garden you are going to.

Make sure the garden has full-bloom flowers to give it various colors. Aside from that, if you have a field of waist-tall tulips, let the couple stay in the middle with no hills at the background and then catch them kissing.

3. On Top of a Hill.


Image Credit: Traumia

If your hill overlooks the ocean, then that would be a lot better. If you go to Bali, you will find beaches and temples that stand on top of a hill, overlooking the ocean.

hilltop_wedding_venueImage Credit: achfoo


Image Credit: MrSvith

I might even say that Bali has the best wedding photography venues. However, it might not be ideal for those on budget weddings as it can be very expensive.

4. Old Stones Churches.


Image Credit: tisbone

Well, not all places have old stone churches. But if you are lucky enough to find one nearby, then it would be truly romantic and ‘Sacred’ at the same time. The sanctity of the ceremony is made even stronger because of the backdrop.

5. Vineyard.


Image Credit: Colin-LOCP

Though it cannot be found just anywhere, it would be most amazing to take the couple’s wedding photo there. It is romantic, cute and even royal.

Wedding pictures reflect the feelings of the couple and their families. And more than the skill of the photographers and the type of camera used, the wedding photography venues matter much. So do select the locations carefully.

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