How To Get Amazing Sunrise and Sunset Photos (Plus 16 Beautiful Examples)

Photographs are said to keep memories alive forever.

Throughout the years, photos remind us constantly of the past and make us always look forward to the future. That is the very reason why Photography keeps evolving.

If you check out photos and the works of famous photographers, you will see that pictures are no longer just limited to shots of persons, families, and circles of friends.

In addition to these and still life photos are photos of landscapes and even of the Sunrise and the Sunset.


Sunrise Fisherman by: spiderman (Frank)


Golden Gate Bridge Sunset Moment by: davidyuweb

Many photography beginners today always want to capture that brief moment of sunrise or sunset. Why is that so?

For one, Sunrise and  Sunset are flushed with the amazing interplay of colors. From yellow to orange, then red-orange to red and vice versa, the bursting sun is one source of delight and amazement.

sunrise-over-san-francisco-bridgeSunrise Colors Over Bay Bridge by:  davidyuweb

Another reason why the sun is a good subject for your photo is that it takes great skill to be able to combine all the aspects of a photograph. The right ISO has to be achieved.


Sunset Colors Over Marshall’s Beach Rocks by:  davidyuweb

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So now, how can you capture the best Sunrise and Sunset photos?

1.Be Sure with the Time.


Sunrise by: Mundoo

In taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets, time is of the essence.Remember that it happens within just seconds to a few minutes.

Don’t wait to already see a glimpse of the sun before you head to the best location.You need to be there about an hour to 30 minutes ahead.

Sunset_Hills_by_comefosseSunset Hills by: comefosse

2. Find the Best Location.


Tuscan Sunrise by: samuelbitton

Make sure there are no obstacles so that you can get the best shot. Since you want to capture photos of the sunset and the sunrise, you have to steer clear from trees, branches, leaves, and hills.

It is best to station by the beach where the area is clear.


The Sunset of Boracay: SniperOfSiberia

3.Find a Good Foreground.


Sunrise by: noobs

Don’t get confused with the second and third tip. The foreground is important because it provides contrast to the photo.

You can choose a pond, a garden or the beach, if you desire.


Sunset on Celenor by: DarkSilverflame

4.Stay Longer.


Sunset by: JACAC

It is true that the sunset happens so quickly. However, you may want to stay a while longer since the colors change within 25 minutes after the sun has set.

The colors are darker which are worthy of more shots.


A Sunset with The Cattle by: MaximeCourty


sunset 5 by: qtwendy

5. Take as Many Shots as You Can.


Sunrise by: Showeme

You can never tell which shots are good. You won’t even have the time to see the photos to decide which should stay and which should not.

For that, you have to just shoot and shoot so that you will have a lot of choices for your images of sunrises and sunsets. 


Sunrise by: Lasiu7

These tips are simple and easy to execute. In fact, anybody can think of them. So follow these tips and acquire the skills through practice.




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