How To: Get Your Website A Spot in the First Page of Search Engine Results Pages(SERP’s)


It has been discussed in many blogs, including our own, that a website should appear at the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to make it achieve its goals and bring in more advertisers.

However, it is very common for websites to not find themselves in the first page rankings because they either lack the strategies or that they are doing the wrong techniques to make it there.

This article discusses the search engine optimization tips to make your website appear in the first page of SERP’s.

1. Create Great Content.

Search engine optimization specialists understand that what entices people to open your website is the value of the content that your website has.

If it is informative, substantial, and descriptive, then they will read what you have there. So choose topics which talk about the niche or industry where your website belongs.

Make these original and unique and end up with more readers and higher SERP rankings.

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2. Use the Correct Keywords.


People commonly think that keywords can be invented by the website owner. This belief is actually what is keeping your website from ranking.

Keywords change like trends and so these have to be checked and changed every so often. Google, the largest search engine, has a link that lets you check the trending keywords.

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3. Create Relevant Information for your Meta Descriptions.

For those who are not familiar with meta descriptions, these are the short, one to two line-descriptions that appear under a website’s name in SERPs.

Furthermore, this meta description is used by the user to decide if he or she will open your website or not.


4. Get Listed on Google Maps.

This is very important because getting listed on Google maps, which is a search engine listing, makes your website verified and reliable.

However, this only applies for websites of businesses that have a physical location. This is also helpful for local search engine optimization.

5. Get as Many Links as Possible.

These links add more value to your website. However, do make sure to link only with sites that are relevant to your niche.

You should go only for those who belong to the same industry as your business. Furthermore, make sure to use only the legitimate link building strategies set by Google.

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Every single website deserves to land a spot on the first page of search engine results pages. But it is a battle out there. You have got to equip your site to win that battle.


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