How To: Make Text Follow a Path or Shape in Photoshop

When doing complex designs for Print or Web, you will often encounter the challenge of placing Text on irregular Paths, Shapes and Patterns.

If you click on the Type(T) icon in Photoshop (shown below), it easily gives you access to both the Vertical and Horizontal type command. But it doesn’t give you any clue as how to put Text on a Path or Shape.

Here are some Steps that you can follow to achieve this:

1. Obviously you need to create a Path first using the Shape, Line or Pen Tool.  Make sure  you have the “path” option active as shown below.

2. Then using the Pen Tool, create an open or closed path.

3. Once the path is created, click on the “Horizontal Type” tool and bring the cursor on the path then click on the area where you want to start putting text on. Notice how the cursor will change to a vertical line which is perpendicular to the path.

4.  Now start typing your Text on the Path. Observe how it follows perpendicularly along the created path’s outer surface. When using a Closed Path, the Text will follow the internal surface of the shape.

That’s it. You have just successfully placed text on a path. Simple isn’t it?


-To edit the Text, just click on the “T” icon, or press T on your keyboard, and use the editing options  as with using Horizontal or Vertical text.

-You can use the direct selection or the move tool to move the whole path with the text attached.

- To change the shape of the Path, use the direct selection tool, and by pressing the CNTRL or CMMD key, drag the vertices of the Path to change its shape.




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