How To: Make That Photo Blog Of Yours Work For You

So you have a Photo Blog and it has been on board for quite some time already. However, basing from your site’s analytics, you realize that it has not been visited often by people, not even by your friends.

If that is the case, it is important that you do something about it because you need people to see it to appreciate your work as a Photography Enthusiast.

There are many reasons why a photographer starts a photo blog but the most common is for advertisement or to start a career in taking photographs.

That is why you need to complete your profile and then promote it. The thing is that no amount of promotion will do you good if your photo blog site itself is not helpful and enticing for the audience.

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Hence, you need to look into that Blogging Site and restructure that if necessary based on these tips:
1. Post Great Photos.

This is actually very obvious and self-explanatory. Your photo blog is not only supposed to display your works but it is also there to teach or to simply be commented on.

But would you expect people to comment or react on your work if they are not worth it in the first place? Though it is not the same as your portfolio, you don’t want to create the impression that you are a bad photographer right?

2. Don’t be Here Today and Gone Tomorrow.

This is a common mistake that many bloggers commit. Even if you think that there is a small chance for one person to keep opening your photo blog site everyday, you need to update it regularly for movement.

If you were to open a site yourself, would you even be enticed to go to that site a second time after seeing that its last post was posted 3 months ago?

Consistency is key. However, remember not to overdo your posting. Weekly or twice weekly would be enough.

3. Think Well About What you Blog.

Don’t just blog for compliance. There has to be quality or else your audience will no longer visit your senseless photo blog site.

The Top Photo Blogs select their topics well and make sure that these are not only interesting but helpful as well to the target readers.

4. Post Photos That Have a Touch of Humor.

You surely know how humor entertains almost everybody just like the funny photos that appear on Facebook and Instagram. W

Why not post some of your humorous shots and create a very brief but hard-hitting caption to your photo blog site? Or, if that’s really your forte, you can have a funny photo blog to be unique from the rest.

5. Write Sparingly.

Believe in the old adage that goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. If you need to write, then do so sparingly. If there is no need to write, then let your photographs speak for themselves.

It is when you don’t write any caption or description and there are a lot of comments you receive that you can think that you have done a great job. This feeling is beyond rewarding.

6. Create Lists.

People often turn to blogs in order to learn about how things are done and how things happen. So the next time you create a blog, do include Lists and How-To’s. These are helpful and easier to read.

7. Make Web Round-Ups.

To cut the monotony of putting everything that is your own, you can try doing a web or link round-up where you gather links of websites or pages that talk about the same topic.

8. Create Infographics.

 Infographics is the newest trend in photo blog sites today. These are charts that show trends, concept, topics, or issues.

9. Choose a Definite or Specific Audience.

You surely cannot please everyone and so you cannot blog for everyone. To be most effective and make your site among the Top Photo Blogs, select an audience that you want to reach and cater to their needs and interests. Blogging for everybody just would not work.

10.  Stop Blogging for Other Photographers.

I don’t even know why I wrote this tip in the first place. But sadly, many people blog about other people’s photographs when they should blog about their own! I think it kind of defeats the whole purpose of blogging.

The start of the process is the most tedious part. But if you have the patience and perseverance, then you will surely get your blog site working for you.

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