30 Nature Photography Examples that Will Blow You Away

If you are looking for a good Subject for your Photographs, then you don’t have to look farther than what is already in front of you. Can’t see it? It’s simple—it’s Nature.

Look around you and you will see how amazing nature is. But if you live in the city, you might have to travel a bit farther to get a view of nature.

Whether your nature is the beach, forest, hills, mountains, or deserts, you are guaranteed to have amazing pictures each and every time. Nature Photography may also include wildlife photography or the photos that capture the animals in their natural habitats.

How to take photographs of nature:

Since nature is stationary which means it cannot be moved, it is the photographer who should make himself flexible in order to take photos which deserve to be included in the nature photography gallery. 

Firstly, you need to know the time of day that has the best light. The morning and late afternoon are perfect because light at these times is warm. The morning has a bit of yellow while the late afternoon is reddish to full red. Mid-day light can be too intense which can ruin the overall effect of the picture.

Secondly, don’t stick to the common or usual angle that other photographers take in their own shots. When you look at the subject, try to go around it or near it and find a more unique perspective.

Thirdly, get as close as possible to your subject. Your camera may be wide angled or capable of long shots. However, do not rely on this as it is still always better to get as close as possible to your subject so that you can create a collage of photos for your amazing nature photography.

For your reference, here is a collection of the best nature photographs ever captured:

Lupin Delight | Chris Gin

flowers_nature_photographyTre Cime di Lavaredo | wild-visions

nature_mountain_reflectionTuscany Glows | comefosse

tuscany_fields_pattern_naturenature HDR | mark1960

nature_HDR_lakeThe Three Peaks MarcoBrambini

sun_landscape_nature_photographySmooth November | uberfischer

sunset_natureBetween the rocks | quas


Above the Ceiling | Evan Leeson

fog_mist_mountain_peakGolden Beach | Patrick Bouquet

lighthouse_beach_redGirasoli-The Bowing SUnflowers | Fabrizio

sunflower_field_nature_imagesTaking a walk down memory lane. (Explored)| Linh Nguyen

nature_photography_01Badlands| bdinphoenix

landscape_01a me piacciono i raggi di sole grazie davvero

gods_rays_fielsDernier reflet de montagne. nuage sous quai. brume exquise.!!! Denis Collette

lakeLet’s go fishing..Is all I can think about looking at this photo. Jeff S. PhotoArt

cabin_by_the_pondBUry My Heart at Proxy Falls greglief

Bury_My_Heart_at_Proxy_Falls_by_gregliefForest in Tatry mountains mrxn

Forest_in_Tatry_moutains_by_mrxnMountain Meadow Fog joerossbach

mountain_meadow_fog_by_joerossbach-d31x74qBlue Mountain Lightshow uberfischer

blue_mountain_lightshow_by_uberfischer-d39rr2vSwiss 02 R-K-Photography

Swiss_natureSwirlie below Second Falls joerossbach

swirlies_below_second_falls_by_joerossbach-d31075hAfrica 00AngelicDevil00africa_elephant_bird_silhouetteAutumn in Mountains 3 CitizenFresh

mountains_peak_langscapewinter avenue paulchen11

snow_trees_nature_photographyUnited Colors of NatureSasoSi

trees_colored_leavesArbre d’ornightwibe

lone_tree_duskSunset Tulip Festpyro303

horse_meadow_natureSunset Over the Fieldspyro303

tulips_sunsetTekarra Mountain Sunriseslickwilly182



Grand Canyon-Mather PointKarl-B



To say that these photos embody the concept of the Best Nature Photography is an understatement. Take these photographs as an inspiration for you to come up with your own expression of art and beauty.


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