How to: Take a Screenshot on Windows Bootcamp with a Mac Keyboard.

You have a Mac,  then you have “Bootcamp”, obviously you are using a Mac keyboard while using Windows.

The problem, how do you take a screenshot of websites, online images, or anything on your screen.

In this tutorial, I will briefly show you  the  simple steps of doing it.

There may be other ways to do this but so far this is the simplest:

To do a print screen while running Windows in Boot Camp and using a Mac keyboard, use the keyboard combination: SHIFT + FN + F11

If this doesn’t work then simply follow these steps:

1. Under the Start menu, select All Programs, then Accessories, then Accessibility, and then On-Screen Keyboard.


When you do this, the Windows XP on-screen keyboard will appear on your screen as with the image shown.  Then simply press the Print Screen Button(PSC) as shown above. The PSC key is located where the the f13 key is on the Mac keyboard, only  it doesn’t do the job.

That’s it, you have just copied whatever it is in your screen to edit in Photoshop. Make sure though that you place the online keyboard in a place where it doesn’t block the image you want to copy, or if using two monitors it is handy to transfer it to the other screen.

2. Now open Photoshop.

Press File, New or (Ctrl-N) then

press Edit, Paste or (Ctrl-V)

Now you are ready to manipulate the image in Photoshop and save it in your files for any purpose you want.

In case you are using only one monitor and you need a shot of the entire screen, this method may not be effective as it shows the Onscreen Keyboard everytime.

You can try using a standard USB keyboard instead.

Have you got any other method of doing this? Please let us know by adding your comments below.






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