How to Take the Best Pre-Nuptial Photos

Weddings are considered as one’s most important event in life, especially for Women.

The memories it brings will make couples smile decades after or inspire them during their darkest moments together.

That is why the best wedding images should be taken that will last a lifetime.

Taking the best wedding images does not start on the wedding day itself. It, in fact, starts at taking the prenuptial photos.

How-to-Take-the-Best-Pre-Nuptial-Photos-02Image Credit: Alvin Guevara Photography

Yes, this is the new trend for weddings wherein the couple takes prenuptial pictures which are then showed in a slide during their wedding reception.

Every bridal photographer should be equipped not only with the knowledge but the heart, as well, to capture the intensity of the emotions of the couple in their photo session.

Here are some tips to getting the best Prenup Photos.

1.The photographer should begin the process by talking and sharing ideas with the couple.

They should not only talk about how they want the photos to come out but also talk about what kind of couple they are, what they like to do together, what moves them and other stuff like that.

Then, the bridal photographer should try to incorporate all of these and then establish the location and the shots to make.

2.The second part would be to make a list of the shots.

Remember, planned shots always come out better than randomly thought shots. By making a shot list, the best angles of the couple are played up.

It is from this shot list too that the next step may be decided upon.

3. After making the shot list comes the selection of the venues or locations.

The locations need not be perfect to achieve the best engagement photo. A good photographer can turn a simple location into something more by using his tricks.

If you want a beach setting, you don’t have to go to exclusive resorts.

You can simply put the vast ocean as a backdrop to your photos or make your couple walk barefoot on a public beach with white sand.

Just shoot your photos at a time when not so many people are around like during the sunrise or sunset.

How-to-Take-the-Best-Pre-Nuptial-Photos-01Image Credit: Alvin Guevara Photography

The meadows or fields make great sceneries. Instead of traveling miles just to find the perfect spot, you can simply choose a spot that is not too far and consider taking close up shots of the couple lying down on the green grass.

How-to-Take-the-Best-Pre-Nuptial-Photos-image-04Image Credit: Rolando Pascua Photography

4. Don’t always go for prepared poses.

This is the perfect time to use candid shots of your couple. It is when they are not feeling self-conscious that the most natural connection between them is captured, resulting to the best prenup photos.


How-to-Take-the-Best-Pre-Nuptial-Photos-image-05Image Credit: Alvin Guevara Photography

Let the couple relax and play around and when they forget about the cameras, start clicking that button.

Remember that as a bridal photographer, your job is very important. In your hands lie the reflection of the couple’s emotions.

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