How To Treat Clients If You Are Only a Beginner in Photography: 3 Tips that Go a Long Way!

Photography today has become a pastime for some and a business for some others. However, for those who want it, Photography is also both a business and a pastime.

If you are among those who find it as both, it is natural for you to deal with clients and people who seek your services.

And with this, it is also as important to know how to deal with them in order for you to win more clients or to not lose them at the very least.

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The problem with this is that not all Photography Schools teach this aspect of photography to their students. Even an Online Photography Course only tackles on the technical side of the craft.

What they are failing to see is that part of having a photography business is to teach everyone the ways to deal with their clients.

Old-timers may not see this as an issue.

However, for beginners in the photography industry, this article may provide some help and enlightenment.

1. Respect is Always Key.


In whatever business you may engage, you need to remember to treat your clients or customers with utmost respect. You have to make them feel that you value them and their needs.

How can you show your respect?

  • Be warm in receiving them in your office.
  • Make them feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Address them as though their stature is higher than yours.
  • Respect what they have in mind especially if their opinion does not coincide with yours.
2. Lend Them Your Ears.


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The most common reason for clients to see you is that they need your photography services for their wedding day.

You may show your excitement for them in this memorable event in their lives but you should not take the limelight.

Let the couple express how they feel and what they want to happen during their wedding day.

Never get irritated by their giddiness as they might feel insulted by you or that they may feel unwelcome. Only after they have said their part will you express yourself and tell them how you intend to go over their special day.

3. Don’t Overcharge.


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In many articles, you will find this advice common and ever-present. There are different types of photography but you should not overcharge especially if you are only a beginner.

Give them the best package, with some freebies if possible, so that they will be enticed to take your services and recommend you to their friends.

Since you are only a beginner in photography, word of mouth is your strongest weapon. Make sure that your client will happily refer you to their friends and family so you can grow your market.

In every industry, there is competition. And in Photography, the competition is even tougher.

You have to work your way through to get the best slot and that is at the forefront.


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