How You Can Get the Best Wedding Photographs

One’s Wedding Day is deemed as the most exciting and most awaited part of life. That is why people prepare for it for at least a few months to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Every single aspect, no matter how small the details, is put into consideration like the venue, gowns, entourage, and the photography.

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And if a couple comes to you for your photography expertise, you have to make sure that you can give them more than the satisfaction they deserve.


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Taking wedding pictures is an exciting thing especially that you are privileged to capture the most romantic moments of a couple.

More than being just a stint, taking wedding photos means that you need all the skills required to make the memories last a lifetime.


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Here are some wedding photography tips for you so you can come up with the best wedding pictures. 

Before the wedding, do the following tips.
1. The moment the couple comes to you to request your services, make them feel welcome.

Make them feel comfortable with you as this is very important when you already do the pictorials.

2. Ask them their expectations.

What kind of wedding shots do they desire? Do they want really romantic stuff or they also want a touch of humor?

3. Sit down with them.

If possible, spend an evening with no other purpose in mind but to just talk and laugh and feel comfortable. This way, they can be themselves when you need to take their photos.

4. Create a shot list.

The shot list will guide you with what photos to take from the Prenuptial Shoot up to the day of the wedding itself. By making a short list, you are giving yourself time to consider the best angles of the couple and the best poses they need to do to bring out the best wedding pictures.

The wedding day itself is the most crucial day. You either make it or break it and waste everything you have prepared for.

You can get help by doing the following tips.
1. Get candid shots.


 Image Credit: HoKosTo


Image Credit: HoKosTo

Candid shots are cuter and sweeter than those which are not. The smiles and the reactions of your subject are natural.

2. Shoot small details.


 Image Credit: Katsunojiri


Image Credit: Katsunojiri

Don’t just take group photos or photos of the couple. Consider taking small details like a close up shot of the wedding rings, the bible, the veil, the invitation, and the give-away.

3. Use two cameras and hire a secondary photographer.

This is because one camera should take long shots while the other shout take close up shots. A secondary photographer can also be helpful by taking the shots around the church while you take shots of the ceremony.

4. Don’t erase unattractive wedding shots.

As long as the memory of your camera is alright and you have a back up memory card, just shoot with no limits and select the best ones only after the ceremony.

Weddings are everything especially for a Woman. Do everything for her. Give it your best as this happens only once in a lifetime. 


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