Installing Presets in Lightroom Plus How to Make Your Own

As more Photographers start to use Lightroom, the popularity of Lightroom Presets has also grown as more people depend on it to edit or enhance images.

Like Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets are very useful to help you automate your workflow and enhance your creativity by simply  applying a Pre-Made set of actions to an image without changing the original file, since Lightroom is a non-destructive image editor.

With so many available free Lightroom Presets around the web, and some even made by Pro Photographers, applying cool and professional looking effects to your images have never been easier.

In this tutorial, I will show you the few easy steps to install downloaded Lightroom Presets and how to make your own presets as well.

Installing Lightroom Presets

After you have downloaded the Presets, and have saved the files in your computer, then you have to unzip its contents as most of them come in Zip Archives. Be sure to place the unzipped contents in a folder that you can easily access in your computer.

After extracting and saving the Presets, go to your Lightroom Presets panel and right-click on it to create a new folder for your downloaded presets by selecting New Folder and typing in a Folder Name to  keep things organized.

Installing Lightroom Presets 01

Once you have created the new folder, right-click on it and click Import. A pop-up window will appear for you to browse to the folder where you saved your files. Point to the  presets you want to install and click Import to add them to your existing Lightroom Presets Collection.

Installing Lightroom Presets 02

Your downloaded presets are now ready to use.

Creating Lightroom Presets

Creating your own Lightroom Presets is quite simple. First you have to be in the Develop module and use some settings to apply adjustments to an image. You can tweak the white balance, exposure, adjust brightness and contrast, adjust curves, apply lens vignetting, add noise, apply custom colors, and all other adjustments you want to enhance an image.

Creating Lightroom Presets Now that you have applied some settings to an image, you also have made a set of actions to create a preset with. All the adjustments you have added to an image can now be saved into a single Lightroom Preset.

Now on the Presets Panel, press the “+” button to create a new preset. A new window should appear that allows you to customize the settings to include in the preset.

After choosing what adjustments of the edit you want to include or exclude, make sure to give it a name and the press Create. That’s it. You have just created you own Lightroom Presets.

Creating Lightroom Presets 02

To share your presets with others, right-click on a preset you have just created and choose Export. You can then zip a number of presets into a single file and have it  sent via email or have it available for download.

Creating Lightroom Presets 03 

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