Keyword Stuffing: When is Too Much and How to Avoid It?

The truth about writing web content is that there are thousands of other online writers who may be writing about the same topic as you do. That means that you will need to employ every possible strategy to make your website and its content rise above the rest.

However, you need to be careful with the search engine optimization strategy that you will use to avoid being penalized.

Why is it important to use only white hat SEO techniques?

Google, the largest search engine today, only aims to provide the best online and internet surfing experience for its users.

Therefore, it will target websites that do not conform to the guidelines it sets for optimum online experience.

Through the rolling out of its Panda and Penguin Updates, many websites have found themselves being impacted and reaping the consequences.

What strategy can be used?

Many search engine optimization experts suggest using keywords in your content to make your website rank. However, many people overdo it, leading to keyword stuffing. 

  • Keyword stuffing 

SEO Keyword stuffing is an unethical way to rank in search engines by putting and repeating too many keywords.

It is the common belief of many SEO experts in the past that a website that displays the most number of targeted keywords ranks the highest in search engines.

But this is contrary to the truth.

  • What to do to avoid keyword stuffing 

If you engage in keyword stuffing, your website may end up being banned either temporarily or permanently.


To avoid that, here are search engine optimization tips for you:

1. Don’t Include all Keywords.

When you search for the most searched keywords, you will realize that there are a lot.

But you don’t need to include them all in your content. Choose only those which are important and relevant to your article.

Instead of writing sentences that fit the keywords, write the keywords that fit the sentences.

2. Write Naturally.

The keywords need to be written seamlessly into your articles. The Google bots which crawl your site for rankings will know if you are doing it the right way.

3. Don’t Over-Repeat.

Avoiding keyword stuffing does not mean you cannot repeat keywords. You just don’t have to over-repeat it.

Keywords may be repeated just two to three times all over the article.

4. Spread the Keywords.

To make it more natural, you should spread the keywords throughout the different parts of your article.

Put some at the beginning, some in the middle, and then the rest at the end.

5. Include a keyword in your title.

The title is just as important as the body in terms of having keywords. So mention one keyword in your title.

Search Engine Optimization packages are available. However, you can choose to optimize your own website by yourself as long as you stick to what is ethical.



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