Review on 15 Hottest Compact and Small Cars of 2013

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Compact and small cars have been the road’s salient units this 2013. Show-off, sleek and glitzy designs have been around the market as manufacturers rev up on economy-friendly and efficient compact and small cars. If you consider buying new rides, you better get real and useful reviews about them:

1.  2013 Mini Cooper

If you want a stylish and modern car design, you’d go for a Cooper. However, many would agree that this piece of automobile art has small trunk and confusing interior that could be inferior from other compact cars.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-mini-cooperImage Source

 2.  2013 Mazda 2

It has commendable steering and sleek interior. The design of this Mazda unit could be suitable to single and working individuals. However, if you want a more considerable engine strength, you better check on rival cars.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-mazda-2  Image Source 

 3.  2013 Fiat 500

It has both good and bad scoots on its powertrain. However, it is attractive and modern, perfect for a road show-off.

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 4.  Hyundai Elentra Coupe

Its two-door style is a winner. It also prides itself with fuel –efficiency and sporty arrive. However, it is underrated because of its typical appearance and design.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-hyundai-elantra-coupeImage Source

 5.  2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Considerably unique on its exterior, this car is definitely a head-turner. It has a single-speed automatic transmission which test-drivers claim to be a good deal.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-smart-fortwo-electric-drive Image Source

 6.  Kia Soul

This car stands out for apparent reason – it has impressive standard lists. Howevevr, it could not be agood choice for bumpy and high road escapades. It is note-worthy that this Kia drive has fuel economy to compensate for this.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-kia-soul Image Source  

 7.  Chevrolet Spark

It is a perfect ride for the metro with its stable roads but it has considerable flaws in the highway.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-chevrolet-spark Image Source

 8.  Vokswagen Beetle

From ist commendable cabin to engine line-up, one must say that a Beetle still is one of teh best buys among compact cars.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-vokswagen-beetle Image Source 

9.  2013 BMW 1

The price is relatively higher but its engine has skyrocketed efficiency. Its 300-horsepower turbocharged inline 6-cylinder in the 135i makes it a winner.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-bmw-1 Image Source 

10.  2013 Chevrolet Sonic

This is known as Chev’s best small car. It has a sporty design, a1.4-liter engine and great speed!

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-chevrolet-sonic Image Source 

11.  2013 Honda Fit

This one introduces us with the best driving dynamics and great price. Although it has limited interior, this could go well with its engine reliability.

 honda-fitImage Source 

 12.  2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Its weight and size are perfectly engineered for its rear-wheel-drive platform. It could be the best buy for you!

mazda-mx-5-Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-miata Image Source 

 13.  2013 Subaru Impreza

This 2013 redesign is said to be of quality and affordability. It is a great all-wheel drive for everyone.

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-subaro-impreza Image Source 

 14.  2013 Volkswagen Golf

This could be a great choice for you if you want great balance of power and fuel effieciency.

_Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-Volkswagen-Golf Image Source 

15.  2013 Toyota Yaris

A Toyota really should be in our list. It has a reliability score which really pays off!

Review-on-15-Hottest-Compact-and-Small-Cars-of-2013-toyota-yaris Image Source 

Small cars are great choices for small-load and limited-capacity travel. If you are looking for the best units, you really should understand the deals with fuel efficiency, engine capacity, exterior, interior and other technical aspects on automobile maintenance.


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