Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow by Learning These Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning the most common Keyboard Shortcuts only takes a few minutes, but will save you countless hours once you become a regular Photoshop user.

A “Second” that you save by simply pressing CTRL+C  and CTRL+V  on your keyboard versus going to Edit Copy and Edit Paste in your Photoshop Menu matters most when you are chasing deadlines. Tasks in Photoshop Projects will have  lots of repetitions and these shortcuts give you an easy way to do these repeating stuff with a stroke or two in your keyboard.

Note: “Command” key is the version of “Control” for mac users.

Here they are the most commonly used Keystrokes:

CTRL+N       Create a New File

CTRL+A       Select All

CTRL+D       Deselect

CTRL+H       Hide/Show Selection

CTRL+H       Adjust Hue/Saturation

CTRL+L       Adjust Levels

CTRL+E       Merge Selected Layers

CTRL+S      Save

CTRL+C      Copy

CTRL+V      Paste

CTRL+X      Cut

CTRL+Z      Undo

CTRL –        Zoom Out. Be sure to use the – on the keyboard, not the number pad.

CTRL +       Zoom In. Be sure to use the – on the keyboard, not the number pad.

CTRL+0       Zooms Out the entire page.


Most of the tools from the toolbar has Keyboard Shortcuts as well. These are mostly single letters that you type to access the tools. For tools of the same group, pressing the SHIFT key and the single letter shortcut will access the second or third tool in a Group. For example I would press B to bring up the Brush Tool, but I would type SHIFT+M to get to the Pencil Tool.

Notice that the shortcuts are written on the right side of each tool once you click on one of them so I opted not to write it here one by one. You can choose the most frequently used once depending on your workflow and try to memorize them to save time and work faster in Photoshop.

 Photoshop also allows you to customize your preferred Keystrokes  by going to Edit, Menus, Keyboard Shortcuts and simply typing in your own Keyboard Shortcut as shown below.



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