Beautiful Collection of Supermoon Images from Around the World

Amazed by last night’s Supermoon Phenomenon, I thought of compiling and sharing the most beautiful images taken by different people from various places of the globe.

Hopefully you were one of those who were able to head out, grabbed your camera and took a photo of this phenomenon where  the Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit.

supermoon-man-cartwheelImage Credit: [D]izkography

Appearing to be an extraordinarily  big full moon, that’s where the Phenomenon  got its name from; “Supermoon” although Astronomers call it the “Perigee Full Moon” .

Last, night, it was the closest Moon is to Earth this 2013, and we will not witness it again until August 2014.

So if you weren’t lucky enough to get a glimpse of last night’s Supermoon , here are some amazing images for you to enjoy:

supermoon grand canyonImage Credit: ArchesNPS

Supermoon grand canyon 02Image Credit: ArchesNPS

supermoon statue of libertyImage Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

supermoon-desertImage Credit: visualeyeshawaii

big-full-moonImage Credit: vpjsuu

Supermoon-snow capped mountainImage Credit: mypubliclands

big red moonImage Credit:

big full moon and houseImage Credit: Nicholas Carter

supermoon-over-stadiumImage Credit: PreciousBytes

big-full-moon-04Image Credit:

Supermoon-over-skylineImage Credit: dpbirds

moon-close-up-shotImage Credit:

supermoon-timelapseImage Credit: r.nial.bradshaw

super-full-moon-pinesImage Credit:

fingers-supermoonImage Credit: Charles de Mille-Isles

buildings and full moonImage Credit:

Supermoon--american-war-memorialImage Credit: Roberto Coquis

big-full-moon-behind-buildingsImage Credit:

new-york-supermoonImage Credit: wck

rockies-big-full-moonImage Credit: dlm7155

redish-big-supermoonImage Credit:

supermoon-planeImage Credit:Tony Crider

Supermoon--timelapse-02Image Credit:

kids-with-cape-watch-supermoonImage Credit:

Supermoon--Beautiful-Images-Taken-from-Around-the-World-oImage Credit:

Supermoon--plane-03Image Credit:




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