Tips to Remember When Choosing the Right DSLR Camera

Ever wonder why the prices of regular point-and-shoot digital cameras are going down, making it easier for people to buy them?

Do you ever think why many people prefer bringing along these bulkier DSLR Cameras over the smaller ones?

QUALITY is the answer. And that is quality in many aspects.


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To make you better understand what I am trying to say, let us talk about the advantages of using the DSLR Camera VS Point-and-Shoot cameras in different views:

1. In terms of Speed

Speed is very important when taking series shots. For example, when doing a photo shoot, you need to capture if possible all the movements of the subject to come up with quality photos and make the viewers see a story from the shots alone.


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The ordinary point-and-shoot digital cameras cannot do that. Even if it has an autofocus feature, it takes more time to focus so you need to wait a while longer. Meanwhile, the dslr camera has very high speeds allowing you to take shots faster and more clearly and accurately.

The shutter lag is also very much faster compared to that of the digital camera.

2. In terms of Flexibility

There is nothing much you can do with a compact digital camera. You can only change the ISO and the mode which limits your power to control your photos.

The DSLR Camera, on the other hand, lets you change your lenses and flash options. You can control the aperture to focus more on one subject of your photo.


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3. In terms of Price

Obviously, the digital camera is preferred in this area. While DSLR Cameras are really expensive, the quality of the photos you take are always worth every dime.


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All in all, it is the DSLR Camera that is more preferable in different aspects. In fact, even the best digital cameras cannot compare to the lower versions of the dslr camera. 

Admittedly, it would be a nice luxury to have our own DSLR camera today. Looking around, you could barely see anyone bringing the ordinary point-and-shoot digital cameras.

Tourists, local and foreign, are always seen with DSLR’s hanging from their necks.


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Surely, you might be thinking about buying your own camera when your budget allows you.

However, you should be careful in choosing the best dslr camera deals because you are involving a good amount of money. You should consider every aspect of the camera before you jump into purchasing it.

Here are 5 simple tips to remember when choosing a DSLR:
1. Determine the purpose of the camera to you.

Each person buying such a hi-tech camera has his own purpose. What is yours? Is it for a hobby?Do you just like to take it around as you explore different places? Is it for a business venture?


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If your purpose is for the first two, then you don’t need to buy the high-end unit. You can opt to get the cheaper DSLR Camera as long as you know how to handle it.


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On the other hand, if your purpose is the last one, then you will definitely need a Professional DSLR Camera. The internet provides a lot of information that will give you reviews on the best dslr cameras available in the market today.

2. How much can you spend on your camera?

You don’t go rushing to the store and point at just any camera without considering your budget. Think of how much is enough for your camera.


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Remember that you also need to buy some accessories to make the camera complete and more capable of taking the best photos.

These accessories may include lenses, battery packs, case, memory cards, filters, and others.

3. Check the camera’s Megapixel.

The Megapixels(MP) determines the sharpness and quality of your pictures. The higher the MP of the dslr camera, the sharper the photos. Deciding on the camera’s MP will depend largely on the purpose of your having a camera.

4. How big is the camera that you want?


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Generally, a camera is lighter without a battery pack. However, if you decide to install a battery pack, the weight is almost doubled and you might want to consider the original weight and size of the camera for convenience purposes.

5. Determine if you need your camera to have video capabilities.


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If you need one of the top dslr cameras for your business, then you might want to also choose the camera with the video capability.

Final Thoughts:

Remember that the best DSLR Camera serves its purpose only when you know how to use it. If you cannot maximize its features, then you would rather get the ordinary digital camera. 


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