Tips You Should Not Miss When Choosing the Subject and Location for Shooting

When you think about shooting pictures or having pictorials, getting the best SLR camera is only half the job. Your SLR digital camera can only do so much so you need to consider many other aspects. Among these aspects are your Subject and the Location/Site for shooting.

old-cars-in-the-fieldImage Credit: seanmcgrath

In this overcrowded world, there are absolutely hundreds and thousands of possible subjects and sites for your pictorial.

However, that does not mean that anything will do. It does not mean that you can just choose any site or subject.

For the best Subject, here are some Tips to Remember:
1. Your Subject need not be a Person.

butterfly-on-flowerImage Credit: sonorasam

It can be anything worth taking a picture of. For macro photography, the best subjects are flowers, insects, and the like.

If you choose a person, you should have some concept or theme ready in mind.

2. Know a Character.

homeless-man-on-streetImage Credit: Rhys Asplundh

People come in different sizes, shapes and colors. These factors contribute to the kind of photo you come up with.

An old man portrays a different effect from a younger woman, younger man, or baby. These characters have to be thought out well to achieve the best results.

 3. When choosing a Person for your subject, make sure that he or she is in the mood.

young-girl-smilingImage Credit: Tobyotter

Not even the best photography cameras can do much if the subject’s mood is not cooperating.

 4. Check your Subject for different angles.

girl-on-grassImage Credit: sa-photographs

The best digital SLR cameras can make wonders out of your subject. However, without the careful and keen eye of the photographer, the result will still be tasteless.

The best thing to do is to study the different angles of the subject. Is the right side view better than the left? Or is the left side better than the other?

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On the other hand, take these tips to get the best sites/location for your shoot:
1. Choose a location that is close to a shelter.

The_Shelter_by_chrisginImage Credit: chrisgin

With the unpredictable weather changes that we have, you need to make sure that there is shelter around you for your equipment.

If not, you should set up your own improvised shelter.

2. For dramatic or creative shots, choose a site that has meaning.


Image Credit: Mark05Photography

For example, a prenuptial photo session should be shot in a place that reflects love, unity, serenity, and calmness like the fields, the beach, or the hilltop.

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3. Shoot at a quiet place.

a_place_to_relax_in_the_storm_Image Credit: kkart

Even if sounds don’t get captured in your photos, silence and calmness can really have some impact on your photo. The mood is different.

Most of all, remember that Photography reflects reality. However, the way you choose your subject and sites can greatly affect the outcome of your photos. 

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