Top 10 Mobile Phones You Wish You Could Buy- But You Can’t!

Mobile Phones have surged in demand because of its features, design, functionalities and specs. Its usability has a range from communications to everything-you-need-under-the-sun.

The industry has continuously perked up the need – and want –of consumers with mobile phones by enhancing their model’s design and can-dos.

The market has upped the benchmark of awesome deals with mobile phones and unsurprisingly, prices hit the floor.

If you think you got on your hands the mobile phones that robbed thousands from your pockets, you got it all wrong. These sets of phones could make you drool and roll, but unless you are a multi-millionaire, you can’t buy them!

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1. Stuart Hughes’ iPhone Diamond Rose Edition


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Stuart Hughes, British designer who has been known for his overly expensive lifestyle designs, has just signed his $15 million-worth of iPhone gadget.

The sticker price of this item compensates its 26-karat-gold body and black diamond home key.

It has sumptuous diamonds which are embedded with its Apple logo, too. The cost of materials pays for your mortgages – and for maybe 10 more others!

2. Stuart Hughes’ Goldstriker iPhone 3G Supreme


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He’ll never get of your top 10 Most-expensive lists with just one entry. Stuart Hughes presents his $3.2 Million iPhone 3G with its solid gold creation.

It has an undoubted value with its 200 diamonds, 53 gems on the panel and a 7.1-carat diamond on home button.

3. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition


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This third  most-expensive product in the mobile world boasts itself with classic rose, diamond and platinum.

It has over 100 carat of diamond and 500 pieces intricately placed on its stylish body.

4. Peter Alloison’s Kings Button iPhone


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This renowned jewellery designer never failed to redress an iPhone with his 138 diamonds and 6.6-carat home button.

It does not sound so bad for a million if you are earning tons of billions annually.

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone


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Most people have smartphones today but you could count in a hand how many actually has thus Peter Aloisson’s $1.3 million-worth of design.

The complete style and design is made with 18-carat white gold and 18 carat yellow gold. It’s no ordinary smarphone, after all.

6. Godlvish’s Le Million


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This is a Swiss design from the A-list manufacturer of luxury cellular phone – Goldvish. The product is only produced in three units.

You might agree that mass production of a solid gold and diamond filled mobile phone isn’t a good deal, is it?

 7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot


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If you think you could not see wood in this line of expensive phones, you are wrong.

Uniquely designed with a 200-year-old African Blackwood with rare black diamonds, this Gresso-Designed mobile phone is a go-getter!

 8. Vertu Signature Cobra


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This is a special-edition mobile phone that claimed viper class. Its decoration is intricate. About 439 rubies raised its look.

It is commonly tagged as all looks but no-use phone because of its high-priced deal with less functional offers.

 9. Peter Alloison’s Nokia Arte


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Known for its relatively cheaper price, you might not have Nokia in mind when I say “You Can’t buy.” But I still stand on my peg.

This Nokia Arte is ranked as one of the most high-priced phone because of its 18-carat solid gold making it worthy for $314,000 per unit.

10. Ulysses Nardin’s The Chairman


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It’s $50,000-mark is still overly-priced for an Android smart phone.

The volume controls, buttons and its physical pads have its luxurious glitz to reason this all.


These phones have their high-priced signature lines and known designer handcrafted to reason out their millions of value. If you have enough savings for this piece of tech-savvy’s dream, you also have money for a 24/7 security service!

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