Web Design: Good VS Bad

Because of the utility features and convenience offered by the internet today, many websites have been created. Whether these are personal websites or websites that have a corporate web design, the competition to rank is tough.

However, the good news is that there are ways by which you may be at the top of the competition.

And that is by creating a great web design or a custom web design.


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What is a web design?

Web design is the process of planning and creating a website. Whenever you click on a link or enter a URL and be directed to that address, you are seeing a website that went through weeks and months of planning and conceptualization. Every single aspect there represents a well-thought and designed website.

The process of web designing entails skills which involve information architecture, user interface, colors, navigation, and even fonts and texts.

But despite all the planning, there still exist the good and the bad web designs. How can you tell if yours is a bad or good one? Take note of these tell-tale signs.

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Good web design
  • In terms of text, the text is of the ideal size that does not drown or overpower the entire website. It is proportionate to the screen size.
  • The graphics are enticing to see and read, using only the legitimate and natural colors.
  • The videos embedded on the website load fast and without delay.
  • The font style and size used should be readable, uniform and representative of what the website is about. If it has an overall corporate web design, then the font style should be formal. If it is a fashion website, then a fancier font style may be used.
  • Navigation is easy. The users will not need any lenses or spectacles just to find his way through the site.

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Bad web design
  • There are too many pop up advertisements. Admittedly, the other ultimate goal of a website is to have many advertisers. However, if these are too many and they overpower the website design, the bounce rate may be higher.

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  • Slow loading times which can be caused by files and graphics that are too large.
  • Too fancy animations. Unless your website is an interactive site for children, fancy animations are a major no-no. Blinking icons, glittering items and the like should be avoided. Instead, stick to something that is simple yet engaging.
  • There are signs that the site is under construction. The key to remember is that a site under construction should not be put onboard.


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The best web design does not necessarily have to be a modern web design. As long it is clear and engaging and results to higher conversion, it can be a great web design. 


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