Why Do you have Poor Website Traffic and What you can Do to Increase it

You have successfully created a Website and have put it onboard for quite a while already. However, as you check your website traffic stats or measure website traffic, you realize you are getting only a very small share of visitors or viewers.

You are not getting your targeted website traffic. You start to think if it is still too early to get a big share of viewers or if there is really something wrong with your website.

Well, to be honest, the answer is the latter if your website has been up for several months already. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to address that.

There are two most important reasons that I want to discuss:

1. Firstly, your website traffic report says your website hits are low because you have poor promotions.

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 It is not enough to create a website. You have to promote it or advertise it so that people will know that such a website exists.

2. Secondly, you have a poor website design.

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 If you have done promotions and ads, people may have already tried to reach your site but because it has a poor design, they get out of there fast. Remember your Bounce Rate?

How to increase website traffic?

Website Traffic is basically the number of visitors who are diverted to your site and those who choose to enter your URL and proceed to check your website. And yes, there are many factors that affect your website traffic stats.

Let us try to discuss the things that you can do to address this concern.


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 Make it rank on Google and other search engines.

When people use the internet to search for references and materials, they automatically use Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Therefore, your target should be to make your website rank on these search engines to increase website traffic. How?

1. Create great content.

Don’t be satisfied with just good content; make them great. Common sense would tell you that no one would like to read something uninteresting and senseless. Choose a topic that would provide information, entertainment, and substance to your reader.

2. Use keywords.

Keywords are basically the key. Everyday, keyword trends change and so you have to keep yourself updated with the keywords that people use for searching. Incorporate them into your articles or content and make them as seamless and natural as possible.

3. Provide a concise and complete meta description.

The meta description is what appears under your website’s name on a search engine that tells about your website.

4. Create a great design.

Great design may be subjective. But generally, it should be simple and easy to navigate. The buttons should be clear and the user should know where to go.

The landing page should also speak about what the website is about to give your viewers the chance to save time their time and effort.

5. Promote It.

Aside from link building, you can also create social networking sites that you can connect to your website. Your articles and content can be promoted through your tweets on Twitter and status updates on Facebook.


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You see, you can achieve your targeted website traffic by following these simple tips. When you have done your part, you can try to compare website traffic with other sites.

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