Why Your Website Should have a Responsive Web Design


The power of the internet is immense, following its huge growth in just the recent years. And since it is being used by more and more people everyday for absolutely everything,  from work to pleasure, several devices have been invented that make the use of the World Wide Web even more convenient. Examples of these are the new Smartphones and the Tablet computers.

What is important to note about these devices is that they are able to connect to the internet, given there is internet connection, and allow the user to surf. However, these have much smaller screens compared to the desktop and laptop computers which oftentimes do not allow the users to surf sites whose screens are not fit or optimized for smaller screens.

Because of this problem, the concept of the Responsive Web Design or RWD was born.

Responsive Web Design is a good website design approach that makes the website easily adjust to the screen size and resolution of the device being used; thus, giving the user optimum viewing experience. A modern web design today usually creates separate websites for every device available on the market but Responsive Web Design makes this unnecessary.

Here are some reasons why design web companies should create Responsive Web Design for every website.

 1. Saves Time and Money

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It was mentioned that many website owners create separate websites for desktop and mobile devices which can be expensive. However, when you use  Responsive Web Design, you only need that single website for all types of devices.

For example, if your URL is www.nameityourown.com, that will be the same URL users have to access regardless if they are using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. With this, you only have to maintain one website.

As for the users, they only have to take note of one URL.

 2. More Exposure

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The problem with sites that don’t have RWD is that these cannot be seen or accessed easily on smartphones. As a result, there is lesser traffic driven to the site. But with  Responsive Web Design, even smartphones can open your website anytime, anywhere; thus, increasing your traffic.

3. Anticipates Innovations

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With technology producing a lot of things we never even thought we would need, Responsive Web Design anticipates the time when even smaller screen smartphones will arrive. It already addresses this now since  Responsive Web Design allows your website to be viewed from all devices.

4. Perfect for E-Commerce Web Designresponsive web design e commerce

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E-commerce web designs are used by online businesses. If you have an online business that sells products, your number one consideration is the uploading of photos of each of your products as these can be difficult to load on Smartphones and Tabs. Use Responsive Web Design and you will feel secure knowing that all your photos and data can be seen and accessed from any device.

Responsive Web Design continues to be one of the major web design trends because of the benefits it brings to website owners. It is now time to adapt to this trend today.


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