How Can You Write Great Website Content?

Website Content is a necessary ingredient of every website that wants to rank in search engines. It may very well be considered as the lifeblood of the website, apart from the links, as it is what communicates with the user.

However, there are many websites today that put content or articles which do not necessarily reflect what the site is about. And that is the main cause of its high bounce rates.

Writing website content is not as easy as a lot of people deem it to be. Though certain people find writing easy, writing for websites has a special need.

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Here are the things you need to understand about web content.

1.It should reflect what the website is about, including the products and services it provides.

2.The content should talk about the industry or niche where the website belongs.

3.The content has to be informative without being boring and interesting without being controversial.

So, what does it take to write website content articles?

1. Write Original Articles.

Originality should be an inherent quality of your website content. Though there is not much internet regulation being done by any governing body, the search engines are doing their share.

Google, for example, has rolled out several versions of the Panda and Penguin Updates. These are algorithms that target duplicate content.

So if you think you can get away with it, think again if you don’t want to suffer the repercussions.

2. Make Bullets and Paragraphs.

Your topic may be interesting, but if it is full of words and long paragraphs, then it will be worth nothing.

It is best that you use bullets for the items that need to be enumerated.

You can also split paragraphs into shorter ones to avoid making it boring.

3. Use the Second Person.

Great content can be achieved if you ‘talk’ to your readers. Engage them and make them feel connected to you by using “you” in addressing them.

4. Be Brief and Clear.

Wordiness is one lame technique that pseudo-SEO content writers use to impress their readers. But the fact remains that it tends to bore the readers.

The best website content writers are those who can speak their minds using simple and clear words, as well as concise paragraphs.

5. Make a Great Headline.

This does not mean scaring them with an exaggerated headline. The headline of your website content articles should be catchy and interesting and should make your readers give it a second look.

6. Use Keywords but do not Overstuff them.

The right keywords make your articles easy to crawl by Google bots to help it rank in the results pages.

However, overstuffing  your website content with keywords will do the opposite.

Remember that writing is a skill. It is something that takes much time to master and perfect. However, if you start now and follow the tips, your website will have great content.

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